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Cheap Shipping From India - Courier Service To USA

  • Pick-up from Bengaluru, India
  • Packaging assistance for Safe Delivery
  • Door-to-Door Delivery in USA
  • Active Customer Support
  • Online Payment Options
  • Live Tracking Facility
  • Branded Foods Delivery
  • Ayurvedic Medicine* Delivery
  • Clothes, Footwear & Books Delivery
  • Documents/Gifts Delivery

International Courier From India to the USA,
Now Made Extremely Easy!

Gone are the days when international shipping from India was full of hoops to jump through; now you can go on shopping in your favorite Indian shops, and sit back & relax! We'll take care of the rest!

How do I courier jewellery from India to the USA?

We offer to courier jewellery from India to the USA only that it should not be made of pricey metals such as Gold, Silver etc. or of costly stones. All the other type of jewellery which are not considered as fancy or priceless including ethnique jewellery can be shipped through Shoppre. Now, shipping jewelry is made easy by Shoppre Couriers!

Can you send medicines from India to the USA through courier?

Of course you can. To courier packages with medicines from India to the USA, it would require the original prescription and the invoice for Clearance as it falls under the category of Special Items for Export. And, you would need to pay a Special Clearance Fee as well for the extra-care and handling such packages. But rest assured that you’d get the best-quality services and a speedy delivery.

What is the most affordable way to send document couriers from India to the USA?

The best option for cheap document courier to the USA would be resorting to our Student Special Offer where document couriers of academic nature get sent at the cheapest of shipping rates possible and in just 3-6 days.

How many days would it take for a courier to reach the USA from India?

For any shipment that’s shipped outside of India is guaranteed a delivery speed of 3-6 business days, granted there are no technical difficulties, which are rare.

Can I courier food items from India to the USA?

Yes you can. We offer the best food-item courier service and you’d need to specify if it’s Homemade or Processed when you place an order though.

Check out Shipping FAQ to learn what all food items we ship.

Can you courier mangoes from India to the USA?

Well, mangoes come under Special Items as it is a food item. You’d need to pay the Special Clearance Charges for clearing it through the customs and for handling it with extra care all through packing and shipping the same.

International courier charges per kg from India

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