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How Does Shoppre Courier Work?

Schedule a Pickup from Bengaluru, India; we’ll come to your doorsteps,
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We ship all over the world - To the USA, UAE, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Middle East & 200 other countries.

What You Can Get Us to Courier?

From Kids’ toys to commercial equipment, we are well-prepared to ship anything under the sun, that follow the international & country-specific shipping regulations. These are some of the goods that we frequently ship for our customers

  • Medicine
  • Documents
  • Sports Equipment
  • Homemade foods
  • Artwork
  • Artificial Jewellery
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Children's Toys
  • Handicraft
  • Mobile/Cell Phones
  • Religious Items
  • & Many More Products


Get a FREE estimate for your courier, and schedule a pickup with us. We’ll come to your doorsteps to pick it up within 48 hours, and will dispatch it within the next 24 hours.Our courier partners are known to reach your destination in 3-6 days, wherever in the world it is!’

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Shoppre Couriers - Global Shipping Made Easy

Shoppre Courier is on a steady pace to becoming the best affordable international courier service in india. It does so by offering up the best shipping rates from India an international shipper can hope for.

Every nook & cranny around the world is an Indian and we travel, work & socialize with flair. For the global Indian in you; we have a specific set of courier services that you can avail to cater to all kinds of your shipping needs - from trekking equipments to care packages.

ShoppRe makes the entire process of international shipping from India unbelievably easy by offering to pick up your couriers from your door; may it be from Bangalore, India as far as we’re concerned.

From Christmas gifts to University documents, Shoppre Couriers ships anything off to anywhere on Earth. And, we are, without a doubt the cheapest way to send parcels overseas!

To send a courier abroad, all you have to do is;

thus making us the most reliable & fastest international courier of all.

What do we ship?

Roughly anything that falls under the international export & customs guidelines and policies; can be shipped through ShoppRe. The most common items that we dispatched the past year are;

What else do we offer?

Our broad range of services are categorized into 3. Apart from Shoppre Courier, we also have;

More to the point, International shipping from India - may it be package forwarding or courier - has been made extremely easy by these key set of our services.

We know what you’re thinking….

These are some questions frequently asked by our customers.

Can I send documents to the USA through Shoppre Courier?

Yes you can. We specialize in securely sending university documents overseas now that studying abroad is more of a common option. If you have any such document to courier, you can avail our Student Special Offer discount price, starting at just Rs.553!

How to send a courier from India to Abu Dhabi?

Shoppre Courier specializes in sending couriers from Bengaluru, India to all around the world, including to Abu Dhabi. You can Schedule a Pickup on our website & we offer door-to-door courier services that spans out in just 3-6 days.

What do you charge for a courier from India to USA per kg.?

Our international courier charges start from just Rs.1446/-. Check out our Shipping Cost Calculator for a FREE estimate of your particular courier needs.

Can I use Shoppre Courier for parcel forwarding?

Shoppre has a more specified service called Shop & Ship for all package forwarding needs including Personal Shopper services. When you sign up with us, you get a FREE virtual shipping address along with a personal locker at our warehouse for you to safely store your purchases while you go shopping on Indian online stores. At the end of the day, our customers can be rest assured that we offer the best possible international shipping rates, all thanks to our Package Consolidation.

Could I send a Rakhi to my brother in Canada using Amazon?

Unfortunately doesn’t offer to ship internationally. So, what you can do is shop from Amazon & sign up with us for FREE and use our Shop & Ship/Personal Shopper service to forward the Rakhi to Canada. Check out our international shipping calculator now for a FREE estimate.

What is the cheapest way to ship a product from India to China?

Shoppre’s Shop&Ship and Package Consolidation will enable you to save up to 80% of your shipping costs; hence it is evident that we offer the best shipping rates from India, to anywhere in the world, including China. Our pricing is estimated after deducting a certain country-specific discount, depending on the country.

Can we send gifts online from India to Qatar?

Of course you can. But, you’d have to check if your courier falls under the category of restricted items. If that’s the case; we wouldn’t be able to help you. And if the courier comes under ‘Special Items’ such as liquids/fluids, you’d have to pay an additional clearance fee. Learn more about Special Items now.

Now, sit back and relax after Scheduling a Pickup for your courier! Shoppre will take it from there.