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Most Convenient International Courier from India to Singapore,
Fast and Reliable Shipping

ShoppRe comes up with a way to offer the cheapest courier service from India to Singapore via ShoppRe Courier.

May it be care packages or shopping forwards, international shipping to Singapore is no more a hassle. You can just opt to use our Shop & Ship for the finest forwarding services as well.

Can I ship household stuff to Singapore from India?

Of course you can. ShoppRe would be the cheapest and most reliable company for you to consider to help with your moving & shifting needs.

For relocating from India to Singapore, which are some good packers and movers to consider?

ShoppRe is considered the best packers and movers company & offers domestic, international and commercial moving services which include the complete relocation of your residence or office. Attention to detail and extra care to the maximum efficiency would be the highlights of our services.

Can I buy a product from India and ship it to Singapore?

Yes, you can. Our Shop & Ship offers the opportunity for you to shop from indian stores and ship through ShoppRe. All you have to do is, ship your packages to the virtual address we provide and we’ll take care of the rest.

Learn more about our Shop & Ship services and our Personal Shoppers.

Can I send medicine via couriers from India to Singapore?

Yes you can. International medicine couriers come under Special Items and requires special treatment in Customs as well. So, you’d need the original prescription to consider shipping it in.

Check our pricing to learn about our shipping charges from India to Singapore & get a FREE estimate.

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